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Patreon Requests 2016: Wonder Woman
I forgot to share this Wonder Woman,
it was a Patreon request from a few months ago and it was super fun to do!
Madoka Magika - GIRLS
First sketches/practices of them amazing coolios girls from Madoka Magica
made a long time ago for practice for this piece:
Madoka Magica - Witch Huntress by YAMsgarden
Secret Santa - Jojo - Amico

Here's my Secret Santa for 
Sammy on tumblr!
Big thanks to JJBA Secret Santa for hosting this awesome event!

It's pretty simple, but I hope you like it :iconzoominplz:
Ahhh I love interaction between characters, I came up with many dialogues
but in the end I thougth it was cute if they were just saying each other's names :XD:
Secret Santa - Jojo - Chilling on Holidays

Heyyy here's my Secret Santa for 
einobutty-angel on tumblr!
Big thanks to JJBA Secret Santa for hosting this awesome event!

I've been super into studying colors lately and I wanted to give myself a challenge by working with vivid colors
but also make it look pretty since its a gift :iconzoominplz:

The bois are always so much fun to draw, I can't wait to complete some more comics and share them ahh...
That is if I have time :XD: STAY FRESHERUUUUUUU
Mischief Makers - Marina Liteyears

Doodles of my childhood heroine, MARINA while listening to 
Joel's stream!
It was a real pleasure to hear someone else knowing about this amazing (sadly underrated) N64 game wahh ;3;
Oennarts by YAMsgarden

Hey dear potatoes :D

Welcome to the Chara vs Buddy collab, in which we will make two killers from different worlds/games duel it out.

Originally, this was a private collab between a few people, but we think that we could open it up by having a special segment featuring images submitted by other artists.

Basically, after the main battle animation, there would be a montage segment in the video, using still images, depicting the later progression of the battle as it goes, after the first clash which is fully animated. It will show the characters fighting as they slowly spend their arsenal fighting, losing their weapons, until they just fight unarmed.

These shots will be drawn each one by a different artist, and will be mixed between serious and comedic, from them clashing blades anime style, to Buddy performing a tombstone piledriver on Chara, or Chara poking Buddy's eye with their fingers three stooges style. It can even be outright out of character joke shots such as them having tea, or a pillow fight.

There are some specific shots we want for this, so we might assign one to you, but you could also just do a shot of your own, we'd love to add as many as we can. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even make an animated clip, but that's only if you really want to, and it has to be a decent for it to be accepted.

Some of the peeps to partake in this are: Yamsgarden, Strelok, Jael Peñaloza, V0idless, NCHproductions, TC-96, Zarla-s, Parimak, Armel Oenn, Kressent Rhodes (MSA), Jukebox Animation, Ryan (64 Bits), Camila Cuevas, Absolutedream, Super Youmna, TheSkittles22, and more. Now to also include those who may wanna join from here as well! 

There are some requirements for these shots to be acceptable however. Below you can see the character design sheets and some great submissions by other artists that have been made:

All based on these character designs:
BuddyChara CharacterSheets BW BUDDY by YAMsgarden  BuddyChara CharacterSheets BW CHARA by YAMsgarden

And these are some good examples of shots made from it: 
0 by YAMsgarden  1 by YAMsgarden  2 by YAMsgarden  3 by YAMsgarden  4 by YAMsgarden  5 by YAMsgarden  6 by YAMsgarden  8 by YAMsgarden  9 by YAMsgarden  10 by YAMsgarden  11 by YAMsgarden

And these are the requirements:

- Must have a minimum res of 1280x720, maximum any

- The characters' limbs should not go off-screen from the left and right edges; from the feet it is fine however

- Must follow the main character design as best as possible, must remain faithful (obviously every artist draws differently, and we embrace different styles since it's a collab, but must still remain close). We'll also edit the image in case small tweaks could be made for consistency. If your drawing is too jarring with the rest, we may have to reject it.

- They must have 5 fingers, not 4.

- Must be in black n white flat colors as shown in the images, the only different color would be for blood which is a very dark red.


And now some important information about their skill and weaponry:

- Chara

. Knife: Chara is dexterous and able to block a long sword with it. The knife is also imbued with soul power so it's much stronger than a normal one. Chara is also ambidextrous so they can swap between hands no problem.

. Empty revolver: An empty revolver, but imbued with soul power and determination, so it can shoot beams of concentrated energy. However the impact varies depending on how much Chara focuses on it, ranging from hitting like a fist, to hitting just like an actual bullet; it can also be used to bludgeon. The projectiles can be deflected though.

. Torn notebook: It's also imbued with soul power making it an actually dangerous thing. It's as hard as a brick.

. Unarmed: Chara is a brute and has strength beyond a normal human, but can also just mess with the opponent by doing things like eye poking, slapping, pinching, etc; what a jokester.


- Buddy

. Sword: A fine sword for a skilled fighter. Buddy has sword skills like those of a samurai. She can also block projectiles like Genji from Overwatch.

. Dynamite: Sticks of dynamite, she lights em up with fire from her finger.

. Molotov cocktail: Bottles with fuel to burn enemies, she lights em up with fire from her finger.

. Poison bomb: A ball containing poisonous powders.

. Sleep bomb: A ball containing somniferous powders.

. Unarmed: Without a weapon, Buddy is still deadly. She knows karate, and she has fire power just as her adoptive father and Rando although she can barely create a flame out of the tip of her finger for now. She is also familiar with wrestling moves, and learned things such as powerbombs, and tombstone piledrivers. Her consumption of joy has also made her stronger than a normal human.


If you pick a shot, we'll put your name next to it. And well, now we'll await your submissions, send them over to Strelok's email and he will review them, also please write to his e-mail if you have any questions! 

I hope y'all have fun potatoes :iconravegwahplz::iconravegwahplz::iconravegwahplz:
Now if you'll excuse me, I'll start running to school before I get late again
and make everyone stare at me for being all in sweat...

See you soon and hope you will participate :iconzoominplz:

And have a wonderful day :D

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call me YAM
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
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It says coffee but imagine instead: buy me a Hot Chocolate!

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FAQ Using YAM's art

Good day everyone :D
So hmm here are my super late answers for all those questions people have been asking about mostly my UT fanarts but those answers applies for all my art and my NSFW art too! If someone is being rude or using my art wrong please let me know or don't be afraid to report!

Hey YAM, can I dub yo comics?
Hey bra, YEAH but please just dun forget your homie and give em some credits I would really appreciate!!!
As matter of fact, I already got the links so just copy paste in yo description:

Art by made with love by YAM

There ya go it took like 3 secs!
These are the platforms I'm the most active so yeahhh plus e-mail and Patreon. I've been thinking about it a lot because ahh before UT it never really happened that so many people wanted to Dub my comics at once so I felt more attacked than anything wahh

Hey YAMPIE, can I translate yo comics?
No I prefer not please, at least not directly on the comic you know, like in an individual text yeah that's OK

Hey YAMsgarden, can I use yo animations?
Yeah BUT NOT THE WHOLE THING PLEASE like bits (maximum 5 seconds) of it is ok but not the whole animation and like the comics dun forget yo homie and copy paste those links from the answer above! I'd appreciate if you don't monetize the comic dubs though!

Hey YAMMACARONIE, can I use yo illustrations?
Yeah for like desktops, video musics, thumbnails I guess but NO MAJOR EDITS AND NOT FOR SELLING OR ANY COMMERCIAL USE PLEASE! Again please just copy paste those links above!
REBBLOGGING would be more appreciate than REPOSTING on Tumblr thank you!!

Also, I don't have a Facebook or I don't post the finished pieces on my Instagram because well there already here so yeah it's ok but again please just dun forget yam and give them some credits I would really appreciate!!!
And that doesn't mean my whole gallery please have some good judgement :iconzoominplz:

Hey YAMMY, what program do you use to draw?
Paint tool SAI is my batch since 5 years now, I mostly use it for characters (sketch, lineart, shadding and effect) and Photoshop CS6 for backgrounds! Or at least I try :XD:
For traditional drawing I looooove to use Steadler 2B and 4B (3B is the 3rd wheel I guess MUAHAHAHA) and sometimes India Ink and brushes!

Hey YAMAMA, what program do you use to animate?
I was using Paint tool SAI before and Photoshop but it took forever so now I use Toon Boom Harmony and I will try Clip Paint Studio in the near future all thanks to Void haha :XD:

Hey YAMONSTER, what program do you use to edit yo videos?
I record with Open Broadcast Software (OBS), I edit with Adobe After Effects for the text and montage, Windows Movie Maker for the music and sound (Haha I know!) and sometimes Adobe Premiere.

Hey YAMONSTER, who inspires you the most?
Ahh there are so many incredible and amazing artists out there, the list would be way too long! Here are a few that inspires me since a very long time:
Aaron Blaise
Toniko Pantoja
Shinya Ohira
Ryan Woodward
Joaquim Dos Santos

Hey YAMDICSOBALL, y u no reply to me?
'Ight I'm really sorry I'm not ignoring I really wish I could answer everyone's lovely words, but I'm someone who loooves to chat and I want to take my time when I answer!!!
(OR sometimes it' spontaneous and I answer right away if the comment really hits me)
Also there's just too many I'm so sorry>< we're talking over 200 on YT, 700 on Tumblr and 10000 on DA :iconsadnessplz:

Hey YAMDEAR, what's your favorite ships?
Meh I like the Titanic OOPS wrong ship ehh obviously my most fav at the moment Papyton from Undertale (and many more from UT but let's go with one per fandom), Ghiralink from Zelda Skyward Sword, Grimmons from Red VS Blue, Pricefield from Life is Strange, Stevonnie from Steven Universe, SasoDei from Naruto Shippuden, Ryo and Dee from the manga FAKE, Kataang from Avatar the Last Airbender, Medusa and Stein from Soul Eater, Hisoka with anything from Hunter X Hunter, Cybersix and lucas from Cybersix...

There's probably more but meh that's what comes to mind >< and haha there are some of them I don't mention beause nobody ever talks about them unfortunately ;__; yam is a shop wreck :iconcannotevenplz:

Hey YAMGASP, when will you stop making so many mistakes when you talk/write?
There's no ecaxt date unfortunetely, butt am wokring on ti!

Thanks so much for reading,
spread the LOVE dear potatoes not the hate :iconzoominplz:

Online Shop!

Buy my prints on Society 6 :D…

Hey dear potatoes :D Just out of curiosity and for the lolz as people say, would you say my art makes you think I'm more a: 

1,021 deviants said Potato
655 deviants said Girl
170 deviants said Boy


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